3D Options Modeling for iPad, iPhone and Mac!


Options modeling made simple!  Don’t miss plenty of free option trading information on option spread strategies.   Check out our free Market Blog as well with many trading tips for options.

Ever tried options, lost money, even though you thought the trade went your way?   Use Optionsinsight app for iPad/iPhone to guide you to success by modeling options values in 3D.  Using this app you can get an insight into options and option spreads from a stock charting program you’ve never had before.  Change volatility, interest rate, and numerous other values to predict options pricing before expiration.   While models can not provide exact pricing, at least there’s a roadmap with Optionsinsight, instead of flying blind into options expiration.  Add and remove short/long options to create a spread that has the risk tolerance that matches your comfort level using our optionsinsight app today!

Checkout our guide for Mac by clicking here, and purchase our App now on the App store here.

1.5 is now available for download on the App Store.  Please, upgrade as soon as possible! See whats new for iPad/iPhone at App News.

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